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  1. ABC Byd Natur Jigsaw

    ABC Byd Natur Jigsaw

    A beautifully illustrated jigsaw of the Welsh Alphabet by artist Luned Aaron.

    Suitable for ages 3+. Illustrations from ABC Byd Natur, Gwasg Carreg Gwalch.

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  2. Amser Chwarae: Ceir Rasio / Let's Pretend: Racing Cars

    Amser Chwarae: Ceir Rasio / Let's Pretend: Racing Cars

    Mae'r set yn cynnig cyfle i blant chwarae yn greadigol a mynd i fyd sy'n llawn dychymyg. Tu mewn mae llyfr bwrdd gyda golygfeydd prysur o fyd ceir rasio yn llawn gwrthrychau i'w gweld a'u darganfod, yn ogystal â 15 darn jig-so trwchus i'w gosod yn nhudalennau'r llyfr.

    This set presents children with an opportunity to play creatively and to explore a world full of imagination. The book features busy scenes from the racing car world full of objects to be seen and looked for, together with 15 pieces of a sturdy jigsaw to be placed in the pages of the book.

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  3. Ymladd Tân / Fire Fighting

    Ymladd Tân / Fire Fighting

    Jig-so lliwgar gyda 45 o ddarnau cadarn. Learn More

  4. Garden Birds

    Garden Birds

    A 70 piece jigsaw portraying 22 of the most common garden birds.

    This colourful and striking jigsaw helps children learn about the birds found in their own garden as well as teaching them the English names.

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  5. Cardiau Fflach Rhifau Lleu Llygoden

    Cardiau Fflach Rhifau Lleu Llygoden

    A pack of activity flash cards to help children learn to count and write the numbers from 1 - 20.

    Cards can be wiped clean and used time and time again. The pack includes a pen and cloth. A fun and useful gift for younger children, presented in an easy to carry box which is perfect for long journeys. Bilingual instructions.

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  6. 100 Pethau Difyr i'w Gwneud

    100 Pethau Difyr i'w Gwneud

    A hundred activities which will keep children happy for days on end. Puzzles, pictures to colour, search tasks and many more. The box comes with a wipeable black pen so that the cards can be used over and over again. Learn More

  7. Sgiliau Meddwl

    Sgiliau Meddwl

    This pack of resources is bursting with games and puzzles to challenge your thinking skills to the limit, and are perfect for all who wish to aid the mental processes used to solve problems and organise information. Learn More

  8. Posau Maths

    Posau Maths

    A box of write and wipe cards with mathematical activities on both sides. The activities develop all kinds of mathematical skills to boost children's confidence.

    This pack is bursting with puzzles and games that will put your maths skills to the test. Use the pen to write the answers on the wipe clean cards.

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  9. Cardiau Brwydro: Bwystfilod Hudol

    Cardiau Brwydro: Bwystfilod Hudol

    An original card game based on the legends of Wales, developed and designed by the talented Welsh cartoonist Huw Aaron.

    The pack includes 60 cards and is a fantastic way to learn about Welsh myths and legends! Each card has a unique character, and each character has it's own set of skills and qualities.

    A fantastic product to celebrate the Year of Legends (2017).

    For more information on each character visit the supporting website www.legendsofwales.com Also available in English.

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  10. Cardiau Brwydro: Y Mabinogi

    Cardiau Brwydro: Y Mabinogi

    Gêm gardiau gwreiddiol gan Huw Aaron. Yr ail becyn yn y gyfres. Mewn arddull 'top trumps', mae cymeriad unigol ar bob cerdyn, ac mae gan bob cymeriad sgiliau gwahanol. Ffordd wych o ddod i adnabod rhai o gymeriadau enwog Y Mabinogi! Pecyn Saesneg hefyd ar gael. Learn More

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1-10 of 181