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  1. Cardiau Fflach Rhifau Lleu Llygoden

    Cardiau Fflach Rhifau Lleu Llygoden

    A pack of activity flash cards to help children learn to count and write the numbers from 1 - 20.

    Cards can be wiped clean and used time and time again. The pack includes a pen and cloth. A fun and useful gift for younger children, presented in an easy to carry box which is perfect for long journeys. Bilingual instructions.

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  2. 100 Pethau Difyr i'w Gwneud

    100 Pethau Difyr i'w Gwneud

    A hundred activities which will keep children happy for days on end. Puzzles, pictures to colour, search tasks and many more. The box comes with a wipeable black pen so that the cards can be used over and over again. Learn More

  3. Sgiliau Meddwl

    Sgiliau Meddwl

    This pack of resources is bursting with games and puzzles to challenge your thinking skills to the limit, and are perfect for all who wish to aid the mental processes used to solve problems and organise information. Learn More

  4. Posau Maths

    Posau Maths

    A box of write and wipe cards with mathematical activities on both sides. The activities develop all kinds of mathematical skills to boost children's confidence.

    This pack is bursting with puzzles and games that will put your maths skills to the test. Use the pen to write the answers on the wipe clean cards.

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  5. Amser Chwarae – Bocs Tŵls Adeiladwr / Let's Pretend - Builder's Tool Kit

    Amser Chwarae – Bocs Tŵls Adeiladwr / Let's Pretend - Builder's Tool Kit

    This box encourages creative play and feeds the imagination. The box includes 15 jigsaw pieces which fit into the colourful board book. A great way to develop creative, co-ordination and problem solving skills. Learn More

  6. Jig-so Heini

    Jig-so Heini

    Larsen is one of the world's leading producers of jigsaws and Atebol is proud to be their UK distributor. Heini is a popular television character form S4C's children's channel CYW. In this 50 piece jigsaw, Heini will encourage children to eat healthily by teaching them the names of healthy foods. Children will learn the food names in Welsh and English. A best selling jigsaw! Learn More

  7. Nos Da Jigsaw

    Nos Da Jigsaw

    Jig-so gwreiddiol wedi'i ddarlunio gan Lizzie Spikes, yr artist o Geredigion.

    Mae'r jig-so yn cynnwys y rhigwm poblogaidd 'Nos Da, Cysga dy Ora'... a delwedd drawiadol sy'n dod â'r geiriau yn fyw i blant bach.

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  8. Rugby Jigsaw

    Rugby Jigsaw

    Anrheg delfrydol i bob plentyn sy'n hoffi rygbi! Jig-so lliwgar sy'n dangos merched a bechgyn yn ymarfer nifer o sgiliau rygbi ar y cae chwarae. Mae'r jig-so yn enwi'r sgiliau gwahanol yn y Gymraeg a'r Saesneg.

    Jig-so gwreiddiol gan y cartwynydd, Huw Aaron.

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  9. Gemau'r Parot Piws: Be ti'n wneud?

    Gemau'r Parot Piws: Be ti'n wneud?

    A game to create an awareness of personal and social skills. A game that provides an opportunity to practice basic skills such as listening, asking questions, discussing personal feelings and emotions and how to respond to specific situations in the community. Suitable for children aged 7-14. Learn More

  10. Purple Parrot Games: Box 2

    Purple Parrot Games: Box 2

    A box which includes four games that help develop language skills. Odl, Odl! Gair am Aur, Dyma Fo! Dyma Fe! and Trio! Trio! Trio Suitable for players who speak Welsh as their first or second language. Learn More

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